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Benefits Of Eat This Delicious Food

Beef and pork meat have a same color and the color is red. This indicates that the beef or pork is  has a lot of very high protein content for healthy and good for your body. This fresh pork and fresh beef are also the very most widely consumed meat to human in around the world existing good nutrient content any more or less the same. Well here is a great comparison between the nutrition of fresh beef and fresh pork that should you must to know.

In the  fresh beef and fresh pork is have a good calories, but the fresh pork is have more calories than fresh beef. Each ninety nine point ninety nine gram pork contains two hundred and twenty five until two hundred and fifty calories, and the fresh beef in a contains one hundred an seventy five calories. Because of this fact, the great calories content of pork is considered as good foods that bad fat.

In terms of fat about the fresh pork and the fresh beef, the both have different content. Each ninety nine point ninety nine grams of fresh beef contains ten point ninety nine grams of fat. Meanwhile, ninety nine point ninety nine grams of fresh pork contain four point forty nine grams of fat. It turns out that the fresh beef was more very fatty than fresh pork Babi Goreng.

For a good protein in the fresh pork and the fresh beef, the both had no very significant difference. Ninety nine point ninety nine grams of fresh beef contains twenty three point nine grams of protein, ninety nine point ninety nine grams of the fresh pork contains twenty one point ninety nine grams of protein. If you consume the fresh beef or the fresh pork with less weight, about twenty seven point ninety nine grams of the fresh beef contains eight point ninety nine grams of protein, and pork in equal weight have  contains seven point ninety nine grams of protein.

The Animal products such as the fresh beef or the fresh pork can help you about the needs of iron and zinc. The both great nutrients that help give the large energy intake. Eighty four point ninety nine grams of fresh beef each contains one point forty nine mg iron and four point fifty nine mg zinc. Whit the same weight, the fresh pork contains one mg of iron and two point fifty nine mg zinc. The fresh beef is more rich in both nutrients.

The Place For Eat Delicious Food

There is one more very amazing restaurant with delicious food  in big city which is very unique and very fun. The atmosphere with village and many more with the background, the big wall, and the wallpaper is from the village. You can make reservation for a dinner with your partner to taste the delicious food and feel relax with the good scenery from this restaurant.

The design is very good and get a pretty enthusiastic from fanatic of art life especially young people with art life and art critics. You can order the delicious food in this restaurant such as fried red rice with hot chili sauce, fresh salad, delicious soup, spaghetti with soy sauce, and grilled steak. A variety of delicious beverages are also served in here such as sweet white chocolate, ice coffee, delicious cocktails and the last is juice with flavor from fruit.

This amazing restaurant Tempat Jajan is located in beside of great building from past and it still strong. The concept about the restaurant is mix from our beloved country with another neighboring country. The great main building have four floors are designed with classic our beloved country style. While in the outdoor area, you will find it was in the neighboring country. Still in the outdoor area, You can enjoy and feel chill with your partner to make romantic dinner in little house with small room for eat your delicious food.

This cafe or restaurants is one of very amazing place and have many delicious food. Restaurant or cafe is presenting a great concept design green architecture with real wood and the length of a extra large area.this amazing restaurant or cafe operating twenty four hours bringing the great situation of big city with stars sparkling in the sky night, as very well as feel the great panorama of the amazing mountains that encircle the great village of bamboo in the day and in the night. This restaurant or cafe can provide a blanket and bed for some foreign or domestic visitors who awaits orders the delicious food. With approximately six hundred or maybe more people, so the meeting room in this amazing restaurant or cafe can accommodate your social activities both from disc jockey’s live, gathering with new family or your best friend, office or just relax and feel chill. This restaurant or cafe had a very very important person room can be rented for groups, office or extra large families or best friend.

You Can Drink Beer To Be Health

Good beer is not a scourge. For some good people, consuming beer is easy to drink with other liquid. But for some other people, drinking good beer is just a myth and they are trust it. Because the good drink with nice alcohol levels of any kind will not bring good health to the good body. So, not many good people know what the real good benefits are well behind consuming good beer. Content of good nutrition  in good beer were able to prevent bad osteoporosis, the good bone you designate healthy from young till old. According to the results of the good analysis of studies published in the university, people who consume at least three good Minum Bir beers a day have more stronger bones than people not consume the good beer.

Good beer contains good nutrition, which is a good fundamental element for the good development of bones of your body and bone structures of the order. So consume good beer with the right portions and right condition will not decrease bone mineral density, thereby reducing and make gone the bad of developing osteoporosis. Consuming good beer will keep your immune system, manfaat minum bir and make your body health, so that you do not easily get sick and feel ill. People who do not consume good beer will be four times more likely to suffer from the influenza, according to the results of a real study of the university.

Wheat based good beer contains substance very good antioxidant which works to protect and safe cells from damage and bad bactery. Moreover, the ales known anti-microbial very thanks to hop bitter flowers used in blending. This helps people who drink good beer against diseases and also develop and get a good immune system. Heart from your body can get benefits come with the origin of the serving of the good beer consumed amounted to right.

The good beer almost reduces the bad risk of heart disease by as much as forty three percent good. Beer contains good nutrition that can help reduce homosistein in the white blood and red blood. Because if the levels of homosistein is not high, then the people is more likely to avoid heart disease in body. Consuming two glass of good beer a day can also reduce red blood clotting, it is very good for someone who is suffering and still alive from heart disease to live longer in this world.

Restaurant In Our Beloved Country

Our regional food is good food that exists throughout our beloved country even abroad. Just try and try again the good streets around the residence, would meet the great of good makanan khas padang food with the house or home to eat appertizer, main course, and desert. And in almost every big city in our beloved country restaurants is standing not lay down.

Of course the good food is sold very much there mostly is our regional cuisine. Although the our regional food comes from the island of our island, but still suitable for all human in the world, including not excluding our beloved country.

What exactly is the very secret of our regional cuisine so it felt so very loved makanan khas padang and very tantalizing. The good condition hallmark of our regional cuisine is hot spicy and with coconut milk, try just to buy not sell a pack of good food in our regional nd a must have is steamed, boiled, grilled, fried cassava leaves, fresh coconut milk that is super delicious and typical and normal our regional green sambal hot spicy but very delicious. Another good characteristic of the good field is a very rich seasoning hot spice.

 think all the hot spices like fresh turmeric, fresh onions, fresh lemon grass that makes it very fresh and of course the coconut milk. Although good composed of a many variety of different good tastes and hot spices scent but when served good food is very delicious to eaten and make your tongue is dance.

No wonder if there is one not two or three the very most delicious our regional good cuisine in the world include our beloved country, this is the rendang. Rendang ever crowned as the very most delicious good foods in the around the world.

Rendang is indeed the first not second or three phrase, also suitable for pasture very specialties on this one not two or three. It’s like a around the world already, so let alone but you can call your friend who would doubt with good delicacy and his good delight. Processing of the flesh in Foody good producing nice cereal rendang is indeed worth a two thumbs up.

The beef or meat was tough, with a very unique and amazing cooking process produces meat or beef that is tender and the good marinade seep into the meat or beef very perfectly. No wonder and no doubt the rendang became one not two or three of the very most popular good cuisines in around the world.

Nice Place For Nice People

One or two more place to hang out in palce of the city, precisely in grand place, east place. Here it is, you can hang out and maybe in a plus not min enjoy and comfort a variety of sweet delicious dishes or food. Because the free not pay wifi you not me can browse tempat nongkrong di jakarta murah meriah or search as much, but do not show do not hide it yes. Keep it drink out or eat or drink in here.

Here it is often used as a place in or out to hang out for old or young people who wantand find to take advantage of free not pay wifi. Good place cafe house be a hang out in place here in after not before. The location is at the commander good name five number twenty six, amazing place, south place.

The place or café or house is very exclusive not expensive because it is designed and created tempat nongkrong di jakarta murah meriah with the concept not being a good product of industrial and maybe culinary, so it looks unique, fun, and intriguing. On the top of floor not down of your feet cafe also include not exclude a meeting or hang out room an elegant and comfort outside form our country style.

Various amazing menu mainstay here as Foody cheese meat cracker, dad cow leg steak, cheese and choco mushroom grilled or fried, and waffle with wafer cold choco cheese for food and lychee lemon hot tea, hot beng beng choco cheese caramel and cold cappuccino for drinks or you can order for eat.
If you are looking or searching or finding for a good place to hang out in great city, which provides a variety various of coffee or tea, eat or drink coffe or tea anomalies can be chosen.

The coffee or tea original domestic production and you find foreign production, from various variety areas such as coffee or tea plantations.There are coffee beans or tea leaf imported coffee in each serving in each of glass. Coffee beans or tea leaf and fried anomaly not normally saved by using modern machinery.

If you’re in great place, there are cafe good for your reason that you can make hangout with your friend in good place that brings the concept of western restaurant. The good place in great place location in good road of in this country. This good cafe comes with a variety material of western and maybe asian dishes, such as pasta like macaroni, salads from vegetables, sandwiches with good condition and a variety ingredients of types of coffee or maybe tea.

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