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Ingin Punya Anggrek Bulan? Ini Cara Merawat Anggrek yang benar

Ingin Punya Anggrek Bulan? Ini Cara Merawat Anggrek yang benar

Beberapa macam tanaman hias saat ini telah hampir dimiliki oleh rumah, rumah tanpa adanya hiasan taman bunga bakal teras gersang, apalagi apabila kamu tinggal diperkotaan. Faktor ini sangat diperlukan mengingat keenjoyan merupakan faktor yang paling utaman dalam berumah tangga ketika ingin mempunyai rumah maka buatlah tanaman hias, meskipun rupanya tanaman hias membutuhkan lahan yang lumayan luas, bakal namun tak salahnya kamu mencoba menanam tanaman hias dalam pot yang di gantung. Saya pikir faktor ini bakal lebih efisien ketika kami tak mempunyai lumayan lahan yang luas untuk di jadikan taman.

Tanaman hias gantung

Tanaman hias gantung dewasa ini telah tak sedikit diminati oleh tak sedikit orang untuk memperindah rumah mereka. Adapun bunga untuk kamu tanam di dalam pot tesebut bisa bunga anggrek, baik itu anggrek hitam, putih, dan merah. Kenapa anggrek ? sebab biasanya anggrek merupakan tipe tanaman yang tak sedikit disukai tak sedikit wanita dan anggrek pun sangat tepat untuk di tanam di dalam pot.

Adapun bagaimana tutorial penyiraman  tanaman hias daun di dalam pot itu sendiri, ini tipsnya

tanaman hias daun

Anda lumayan memakai pecahan es batu yang kecil lalu kamu letakan pecahan-pecahan kecil es batu tersebut di permukaan media tanam pada pot yang kami gantung tersebut, dan pot ini bakal menjadi basah dan kotor sebab tetesan es batu tersebut. Kenapa dengan memakai es batu tak memakai air biasa saja semacam menyiram tanam hias bunga yang lainnya ?, sebab es batu lebih mudah menyerap berlahan di bandingkan dengan mengguyur air biasa ke dalam pot tersebut. Es batu yang mencair bakal lebih menguntungkan sebab terserap sempurna dalam mengisi pori-pori yang ada dalam pot tersebut.

tanaman hias gelombang cinta

Kemudian wajib kami ingat bahwa perbedaan tipe anggrek yang ingin kami tanam juga mempengaruhi perbedaan tutorial perawatannya. Dan ini wajib kamu perhatikan sesuai tipe flora yang kamu tanam di dalam pot tadi. Tanaman hias dalam pot tadi bisa dikatakan sebagai tanaman hias gelombang cinta.

Source: Cara Merawat Anggrek Agar Mudah Berbunga

Hay Bale Gardening

Hay bale gardening technique is a low-cost and convenient way of growing flowers and vegetables. Growing vegetables in a hay bale garden is similar to the technique used to grow vegetables in a raised bed garden. If you are just getting your bales, give the bales a thorough soaking, and let them begin to break down before you plant your vegetables. Hay or straw bale gardening is another great way have your garden if you have limited space, terrible soil, a bad back or those who are confined to a wheel chair! So much time is saved by not having to weed or hoe or even water as often as well. This project was first researched by a Dr at the University of Minnesota Extension says, “Hay bales provide a well-aerated, disease free growing medium that is perfect for growing vegetables.

The popular method of hay bale gardening (cara menanam cabe) is getting more popular in town, a friend told him how to get prosperous crops using nothing but wheat straw, potting soil, a little fertilizer and some tomato plants “Every fall I get some bales and let them sit out all winter to get good and soggy, I plant a few every year and I’ve had real good luck. Another friend who was in the landscaping business showed him how to use wheat straw to garden “He had all kinds of crops including cucumber, squash and green beans, you can raise almost anything except corn, because it’s too tall and the bale will fall over .


Bales first should be situated in a full sun formation, with twine and wire ties kept in tact. Since bales may be used two seasons, synthetic twine can be used to provide the most durable binding. For optimum root penetration and plant growth throughout gardening months, bales should be placed with strings wrapped horizontally and straws set vertically. The next step is hydration, the key to successful hay bale gardening. A form of hydroponics, the hay bale is like a sponge, and you can’t let them dry out, or your crop just does not work. While watering the bales twice per day, fertilize them every other day for six days with one-half cup each of a high nitrogen fertilizer. Working with the bales is much easier than working on a traditional garden. You’re putting your garden at eye level, you can see your progress, you can weed it a lot easier and harvest easier. (Posted by Denise in Cara Menanam Cabe Hidroponik).

Straw bale gardening is an interesting option for those who have either limited soil, limited space or have difficulty bending over. This is important if you intend to get two years possible out of each bale in your straw bale gardening efforts. Remember several things about placing your bales in your straw bale gardening layout. Straw bale gardening layouts can be placed end-to-end to create long gardens or grouped into traditional bed shapes or even set up as maze types of gardens. How crazy does it sound, growing tomatoes in bales of hay.

I planted peppers, tomatoes, flowers and beans in the hay bales in different arrangements that were pleasing to the eye. Somehow I find it oddly interesting kind of like growing tomatoes upside down. In my garden adventures with hay bale and straw bale gardening I have tried several different gardening techniques. While I like growing melons and gourds in the bales both are heavy feeder so I created a hay bale/ straw bale square garden technique to use with these crops. Lay the bales out to form a square with an open section on the inside. Now it’s time to prepare the bales for planting. Straw bale gardening has many positive aspects. Valerie Everett I prefer straw bales as they contain less seed and last longer but straw is more expensive so my choice for the garden depends on the best buy I can get or which crop I am growing. For squash plants and gourds I use hay bales. First get bales that still have the string tightly around the bale. And if you know where you want your garden position the bales.