Age Matters

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We have all heard that young drivers and older drivers are the ones to avoid. The question is: Is there really a difference between older and younger drivers? Does age really matter? We will look at the factors that cause problems for all age groups. Then we will look at statistics and see if facts can really tell us who are the most dangerous drivers and why.

Blind Spots and Vision Issues


To be honest, blind spots tend to depend on the car. Smaller cars have smaller blind spots. The way that you adjust your mirrors can also lessen the blind spot. Older drivers seem to have the experience to accurately adjust the mirrors so that they have less blind spots. However, older drivers are also less likely to admit that they have vision problems. Some states require older drivers to renew their licensing more often because of this issue.

Distracted Driving

Here is one that it seems like the older driver is going to win. Older drivers are less likely to jam out to music, be worried about their social media accounts, and be less likely to text and drive. Older drivers are also more likely to talk on their phone and drive. Maybe they should make sure their car has the hands free option.


Regular Vehicle Maintenance


Older drivers are more likely to keep their car serviced. They are going to be more likely to walk the car, check the tires, and make sure it … Read More